Small Business Consulting Services

The idea of launching or growing your own small business is exciting but that excitement can quickly turn to overwhelm when you start to consider all that needs to be done. Navigating something new while simultaneously trying to build and grow your online presence is a lot- even for seasoned online small business veterans.

If you’re unsure of where to start developing your ideas or feel like you’re struggling to build momentum in your small business, find yourself overwhelmed with options or frozen in a state of limbo because you just don’t know which way to go- we’d love to help!

Our expert small business consulting services can help you to narrow your focus, gain clarity, get rid of the fluff, and make actual, measurable strides toward achieving all of your online business goals.

Did you know that an expert is defined as a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area? Many will tell you that in order to classify as an expert, an individual must also have at least 10 years and 10,000 hours of experience with the topic they claim as their expertise!

Well, if any or all of those things are true, then I am a small business and website consulting expert many times over! I have spent multiple tens of thousands of hours working with and for my clients’ online small business success. I’ve also built, maintained, and repaired more websites than I could count over the past 13 years that I have been doing this as a full-time career!

An expert small business consultant can provide you with advice on your small business strategy, help you to develop your website planning and site architecture, and assist you to hone in on potential problems and then find workable and reasonable solutions.

A good consultant will then set you on the path to developing any key skills that you will need to help your business soar to the next level!

A great consultant can spot problems that you didn’t even know you had, frequently before you even have them, and then help you to implement solutions that work to meet and exceed your expectations and personal business goals.

I’d love to learn about the dreams and goals that you have for your business and work with you towards reaching each one. Our small business consulting and small business strategy coaching sessions can be had via live chat, support ticket/email, or over live zoom meetings and start at $155/hr. (billed by the minute so you won’t miss out on a second!).

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Click the button on the right to take make the commitment to yourself to charge of the future of your business in 2021 and beyond by signing up for Small Business Consulting Services now!



  • One hour (or more!) of 1:1 private small business consulting consulting with Jenni from Wild Root Web, long-time online business owner, work at home homeschooling mom, and mindfulness coach;
  • Expert level support for wherever you are on your business or website building journey;
  • One month free all-access premium membership pass to our entire business building online courses and exclusive workbook downloads; and
  • A personal invitation to our mindset mastery and goal getting community group full of priceless advice and where we are adding new and unique content daily!

Let’s un-stick your stuck in limbo feelings towards what you can do now to grow your business online. We can walk together, side by side, toward acknowledging and overcoming your business limiting beliefs and break through the negative mindset traps that keep you from reaching your full potential.

I can’t wait to help you eliminate struggle, find the joy in running your business, and tune in ‘hyper-focus style’ on the things that will really help you take the next steps to achieving the success that you desire.

I’ve hired coaches. I’ve taken courses. I network and rub elbows with outstanding entrepreneurs in their respective fields every single day. Now, allow me to provide you with some of the skills I’ve picked up along the way and those I have developed on my own to take my own business to a level of success that I wrongly believed for so long was just outside of my reach.

Why Work With Jenni?

As a certified Reiki Master and multiple modality energy healer, EFT practitioner, mindset and mindfulness coach, and 13 year experienced online small web hosting company owner and tech support professional, Jenni is primed and ready to help you get you from where you are to where you want to be with intentional and heart-centered guidance and support.

Websites and Energy Work? Wat?

Well, yeah.

So here’s something that you may or may not have considered: everything is made up of energy.

It’s science. 🤓

Some may think that energy exchange is exclusive to living creatures, but the truth is that all things hold energy. Mostly, things hold the energy and intention that are put into it.

So what type of energy are you putting into building your business and out into the world? Is it in line the type of energy that you want to be putting out?

What if I could help you bring that energy into Alignment with your highest intentions? What if I could first help you figure out your highest intentions, and then help you to bring your business in line with that frequency? How powerful and impactful do you think that you – and your business – could be if you were in flow and working with your business energy instead of against it?

Ready to get started? Hire me for small business consulting services today and start looking forward to what the future holds for your business!

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