What is a "temporary URL"? What does it mean to build on a "temporary URL"?

A temporary URL is the direct, unique IP web address assigned to all new websites. The temporary URL will allow you to access your site online before the domain nameservers have been updated to point to the new server, and also in the event of problems with your domain (such as failure to renew), but you may not need to utilize this feature at all depending on your specific needs.

In most cases, clients will choose to build on the temp (or, using their temporary URL) when they already have a website online that is currently using the same domain they intend to use for their new website, and would like to keep that site live for their customers until they are ready to launch the new site. 

A temporary URL looks like: http://123.456.789/~cpanelusername/

Why would I want to build on a temporary URL?

If you already have a website online using the same domain name that you would like to use for your new Bizzy Mama site, you may choose to build on the temporary URL so your current website can remain active during the building and populating process. Building on the temp is a good option for established business that plan to continue to take orders through their old site while they build and populate the new one and until they are ready to fully launch their completed Bizzy Mama site.

If you do not currently have a website online and would like to build behind the scenes (where visitors can not see the store come together as you build) consider using one of our included Maintenance Template options instead!

Can I build my website from the temporary URL? Can my template be installed on the temporary URL?

Yes! You can build and populate your entire website from the temporary URL. Your designer can install the template for you while your new services remain on the temporary URL. If your designer seems hesitant or has any questions on the process, have them contact us and we'll be happy to help! NOTE: Many designers are completely comfortable with the process if you mention to them during the purchase process that this is your plan!

Does the temporary URL work differently for Bizzy Boutique store builder sites?

Somewhat. Some software options will allow you to navigate back and forth without much difference. With your Bizzy Boutique software, you may run into navigation issues because of domain licensing and assignment of the software. If you would like to build on the temporary URL using your Bizzy Boutique software, we'll need to help set that up for you. Don't worry- when you're ready to go live we're happy to help you with that process too!

I didn't choose the "temporary URL" option at checkout but would like to utilize it after all. What can I do?

Contact us! We're happy to help you make the transition to a temporary URL to make building and populating your site an easier process for you!

When will/should I update from the temporary URL?

You are ready to have your software updated from the temporary URL once you have completed the building and populating process of your new site. Your "Going Live with your Bizzy Boutique" email includes a quick store building checklist and step by step instructions on how and when to prepare for this transition. If you do not see this email in your inbox, you may also log into your client area at any time, navigate to the "Hello, Name!" drop down, find the "Email History" link to display all messages that have been sent to you through the system for the life of your account. 

How to I update from a temporary URL to my domain?

You'll need our assistance for this part of the process. If you have completed the steps mentioned in your "Going Live with your Bizzy Boutique" email and are satisfied with how the site looks, open a ticket and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you with the next steps of the process. NOTE: The complete process is outlined for your review in the email mentioned above!

How can I choose to build my new site using a temporary URL?

Building on the temporary URL is a free option that you may choose during the checkout process. If you failed to choose this option during checkout but would like to build that way anyway, contact us! We're happy to help you make the transition to a temporary URL to make building and populating your site an easier process for you!

Choose to set up on a temporary URL

In what specific cases should I not choose to use the temporary URL?

If you will be using a domain for your new services that is not currently hosting a website, are purchasing a new domain during the checkout process, or have just purchased a new domain elsewhere for your new hosting services, chances are you will not need to utilize a temporary URL. Consider building live on the domain and using one of our included Maintenance Template options instead!

Additional Considerations:

The entire "going live" process can take up to 72 hours from the time that your nameservers are updated.
Please be aware that during the going live/domain propagation process, some of your website visitors may see your old site while others will see your new site. For this reason, it's best to plan to make the transition on a weekend or evening to avoid confusion, or if you expect your store to be busy. For best results and to avoid any potential scheduling conflicts, please contact us well in advance outlining your plans. As always, we will try our best to meet your schedule.

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