Setting up Wholesale Vendors

  • You must manually enter a vendor into the administration area to set them up as a wholesale vendor.
  • Select Add under "Wholesale Vendors" to add a new vendor.
  • Select Edit under "Wholesale Vendors" to edit an existing vendor.
  • Select Delete under "Wholesale Vendors" to permanently delete a vendor from the system.
  • Add the company name or individual's name under Company.
  • Enter the vendor's email address under Email Address.
  • Under Contact, add any contact information you wish to store for this vendor. For example, address, phone number, web site, contact name, etc. Use Ctrl+Enter to go to the next line (Windows).
  • Enter a password for this vendor under Password. Please note: if this password exists for another vendor, the system will not add that password.
  • Set a discount amount under Discount. All products will be discounted by this rate when the vendor shops your site.
  • Set the Active setting to "Yes" if you want to activate that vendor. Inactive vendors will not be able to obtain wholesale pricing.
  • After adding or editing vendor information, send your vendors to to log in and shop for items. They will receive their discount on all products in your store.
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