How to backup and restore a MYSQL databse in cPanel

Since the Bizzy Boutique online store builder software is databse driven, it is important to run periodic backups on the databases. You can generate a full backup to do this, but you may decide it is unnecessary to backup everything. So, here is how to backup just your databases.

To backup the databases please do the following:

    Login to your cPanel and click on the Backups icon.
    Under "Download a MySQL Database Backup", click the name of the database.
    Click Save As.
    Select a destination for where you would like the back up to be saved, locally.

Once you have a backup, if you ever inadvertently lose your data, then you can restore the database easily and quickly.

To restore a database, please do the following:

    Login to your cPanel and click on the Backups icon.
    Click the Browse button next to the option which says Restore a MySQL Database.
    Select the .sql.gz file which you want restored.
    Click the Open button and click the Upload button.

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