I've never had a website before. How do I get started?

Creating your own website is a very exciting thing, but the process can seem very overwhelming if you don't know where to begin. Here's a quick checklist of the steps to follow to get your own Bizzy Mama online store up and running in no time.

Step 1: Choose a domain name. You can use our Domain Availability Checker here: https://www.bizzymamahosting.com/support/domainchecker.php Bizzy Mama Hosting charges $14.00 a year for domain registrations, and an additional $10.00 a year for optional domain privacy. You may also purchase your domain at any other domain registrar and simply update the nameservers to point to your new Bizzy Mama online store. During checkout, you will be presented with the option to have us update the nameservers for you if you aren't comfortable doing that yourself.

Step 2: Pick your ecommerce website hosting Level plan. We offer 3 Levels of online store hosting to meet any business size and budget. Read more about our plans here: http://bizzymamahosting.com/index.php?page=bizzy-boutique-hosting As a general rule, a Level 1 plan is good for business just starting out, a Level 2 makes a good fit for established businesses, or those that plan to do a lot of advertising and/or have a large social media following and a Level 3 plan comes with unlimited everything, so it's great for larger businesses with lots of products and traffic, or for clients who would like to start out with plenty of space to grow. Whatever Level plan you choose, upgrading is easy! To read more about upgrading, click here: http://www.bizzymamahosting.com/support/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=9

Step 3: Since we offer same day set up on all new accounts (see Our Terms for complete details), you can expect to have your cPanel, Bizzy Boutique, and Mals log in details the same day in which payment has cleared. Once you have your details, you will be able to purchase a template from one of our approved designers (http://bizzymamahosting.com/index.php?page=approved-designers) and begin building your online store. NOTE: You do not have to wait to have your template installed to begin building. The template will seamlessly wrap around any content you have already added to your site, so you can get started building the same day you sign up!

Step 4: Set up your Mals account, payment processor/s, shipping and tax information. Instructions on how to do this will be sent over in your New Account Email. Once you're sure you have everything set up according to the instructions provided, you can get in touch with our staff via support ticket and we will double check all of your settings and process a test order for you to be sure that your store is ready to begin taking live orders.

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