How can I change the size of my thumbnail images?

Your Bizzy Boutique online store builder will automatically resize the images that you upload to use as your "thumbnail image", if you have it set up to do so in your store admin. To have your thumbnail images resized as they are loaded, follow these steps:

How to change the thumbnail image size of your product images:

1. Log into your store admin.
2. Navigate to the "Catalog Set Up" link under "Admistration".
3. Set up your preferred image height and image width in the text boxes that say "Image Height" and "Image Width".

For better image quality, we suggest choosing height OR width for your images. This will provide uniforimity in the display, but won't smoosh or distort any of your images.

For better image quality, faster website load time, and to use less diskspace, use an online photo editor to resize and optimize your images before loading them into your online store admin. You can use our free online image resizer and optimizer here:
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