How can I perform an advanced search?

To view a list of items, select the search criteria from the advanced item search field and select "View Items" to display all the products for viewing. You can search for items using the following criteria and settings:

  • Category: If you want to display only items from within a particular category, select that category from the drop down box. Note that you can display either a main category or subcategory level for general or detailed searching.
  • Keywords: To find only products with a particular word or words within the item name, enter the word(s) in the keyword box.
  • View: If you want to limit your searches further, you can select a value from the "View" drop down box. Choose to display only products with inventory quantities, only out of stock items, only sold out items, inactive items only, items on sale only or featured products. Or select "All Products" to view all items without limiting the searches.
  • Order By: If you wish to display your products in a particular order, select that order from the drop down box. You may order the list of products by item name (alphabetically A through Z or Z through A), newest items first, oldest items first, catalog number, items with quantities in stock (1-999+), featured products first, by base price ($0-$999+) or by sale price ($0-$999+).
  • Display Per Page: Select the number of items you wish to display on each page.
  • Edit Mode: Choose the way you would like to update your products. You can choose to edit the items individually, or edit the basic fields in up to 10 items at one time.
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