Maternity Leave :: Upcoming Schedule/Work Load Changes

Hello Bizzy Mamas! It's rare that I share anything this personal but since this will directly impact your ticket, order, and support turn around time we felt it was a good time to make an announcement. Throughout our 6 years of business (7 this September!) I have maintained the support ticket system, with periodic daytime support staffing, ... Read More »

26th Apr 2016
UPDATED Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance [DOWNTIME EXPECTED]

(UPDATED AT BOTTOM) Big News For Your Website! We are preparing to move all current clients to a much better datacenter on the night of Saturday, May 7th, 2016. Because of continuing connectivity issues at the datacenter currently hosting your server, we are upgrading everyone to a much improved network with greater capacity, incredibly stable ... Read More »

25th Apr 2016
*NEW* Premium Template Release

We're working on a batch of *NEW* free Premium Template options for software version 2.93 that include drop down and fly out menus, standard! Drop down and fly out template options are already available for several of our themes are more are set to be released in the coming weeks! If you would like to have the entire batch added to your 2.93 ... Read More »

25th Apr 2016
Bizzy Boutique 2.93 Release Notes

Please read this announcement in full before placing your upgrade order! Bizzy Boutique version 2.93 is ready for release! *Preorders will be accepted beginning 04/11/2016! This latest version of your store builder software comes with a sleeker, more streamlined store admin area, drag and drop functionality, the ability to load and display up ... Read More »

9th Apr 2016