Bizzy Boutique 2.9

Video contains a preview of the 2.92 admin area with no audio.

Please read this announcement in full before placing your upgrade order!

Bizzy Boutique version 2.92 is ready for release! *Preorders will be accepted starting 02/23/2016! This latest version of your store builder software comes with a sleeker, more streamlined store admin area, drag and drop functionality, the ability to load and display up to 5 images per product, optional social media share button integration, store admin template preview, store admin time zone and date formatting support, and more!


  • TinyMCE 4.x support
  • Drag and drop sorting is now used for reordering pages, categories, FAQs, web links, articles
  • Additional per product wholesale features
  • Updated web links setup
  • Date format and time zone settings are now in the administration area
  • New catalog settings - show category under the image in subcategory pages, show prices to all visitors or just wholesale/members
  • Social media links are integrated and can be turned on through the storeadmin area
  • Preview theme setting added to check templates before using them
  • Unsupported Froogle feed removed
  • Support for cart images has been added; just update Mals to display thumbnails
  • Increased max images per item from 3 to 5
  • Items in the featured column are now sorted by category if a category or item are viewed
  • Admin area images are displayed for easier visual recognition

Many minor changes, bug fixes, and behind the scenes and technical changes have been applied to the latest version that will ensure better and faster performance for your store. Many of these changes have been left out of the above list. If you have questions about the complete list of changes in the 2.92 version, please open a support ticket.

If you have any questions about the upgrade, please contact us. If you would like to have your website placed on the upgrade list, you may do so by purchasing the correct upgrade level from your client area. (See below)

You may try the Bizzy Boutique version 2.92 on our demo store:

username: admin password: bbdemo

Please note that some functionality of our store builder has been disabled for this online demo!

Is this store builder upgrade required?

Not at all. This latest upgrade is totally optional and contains no security fixes. Upgrading to the latest version is suggested for best functionality but is not required.

What about my template/web design?

Whether your current template structure will be compatible with the Bizzy Boutique 2.92 software depends greatly on the version you are currently running. Software version 2.92 is mobile responsive. If you are currently using version 2.84 with a responsive template, no major template compatibility issues are expected. However, each designer uses different coding so if you want to be certain, you can contact them in advance. If you are using one of the included premium templates, no changes should be expected. Versions 2.7-2.83 are likely to experience template errors following an upgrade to 2.92! In addition, in order to make your site fully mobile responsive, you must have the design edited to include mobile responsive functionality where you originally purchased your template. Any questions about template compatibility should be taken up with your designer. You may also switch to one of our free included mobile responsive template layouts. NOTE: We are unable to assist with troubleshooting template errors.

Additional Information:

Template/Web Design: Unfortunately we cannot provide support for your template. We also cannot assist you with making your current template mobile responsive. You must take this up with your designer. If you choose to upgrade to BB 2.92 you must also update to a mobile responsive template, have your current design edited by the designer to include mobile responsive capability, or switch to one of our provided mobile responsive templates immediately following your upgrade.

Modifications: Unfortunately, modifications created for older versions of the Bizzy Boutique will likely not work with version 2.92. The upgrade will very likely break any modifications you have had added to your core codes. Broken mods may result in unexpected behavior on your website. We are unable to upgrade around your modifications. We are also unable to provide support for broken modifications. If you have questions about your modifications and/or whether this upgrade will be a problem for you, you should contact the company from which you purchased your mods. Please plan accordingly. If your modification no longer works and/or produces an error following upgrade, you must contact the business from which your mod was purchased. Please have this contact information ready in the event that you need it following upgrade. You would know if you have had modifications added to your store because you would have purchased them separately from a company like Modmeister, Mod Your Cart, or The Avalon Rose.

Upgrade fees:

If you are using Bizzy Boutique version 2.84, the upgrade to version 2.92 will be $10.00. (ORDER) currently for available for *preorder

-If you are using Bizzy Boutique version 2.81-2.83, the upgrade to version 2.92 will be $15.00. (ORDER) currently for available for *preorder

-If you are using Bizzy Boutique version 2.7 the upgrade to version 2.92 will be $20.00. (ORDER) currently for available for *preorder

To determine your software version, please log into your store admin and check the footer.

You may pay this fee at the time of your upgrade, or schedule with our billing department to pay it at any time within the next 30 days. If you need to schedule to pay at a later date please contact us prior to placing your order!

NOTE: If you are a new client (been with us for less than 6 months) your 2.92 upgrade will be provided free of charge. Please contact us for your checkout code. You must still place the upgrade order to receive your upgrade and the order must be placed within 6 months of sign up in order to qualify. 6 months prior to release date is: August 23, 2015. Contact us should you have any questions.

There are NO REFUNDS on upgrade orders.

You may see all options and place your upgrade order through this form:

You may also visit your client area and navigate to the Services/Order New Services/Upgrade category to place your order.


Please note that the upgrade process will erase any modifications you've made to your files. Please get in contact with the business you purchased your modifications from before placing your upgrade order to work out having your mods re-installed. Bizzy Mama Hosting is not responsible for lost modifications due to a software upgrade. You will be asked via email to provide a preferred time for your upgrade to be performed. If you have a preference for timing, please respond to the message sent following your purchase with your requested date and time. Otherwise, upgrades will be performed within 5 business days of purchase, in the evenings (after 6pm CST, USA), in an effort to complete the process during a slower traffic time for your store. Customer downtime is not be expected, but your store admin area may temporarily be unavailable during the upgrade process. Please plan accordingly.

This upgrade is OPTIONAL.

To order your upgrade, choose the option that best meets your need above and click on the "ORDER" link, or click here to see all options for upgrade. Please open a ticket before placing your upgrade order if you have any questions. PURCHASE AVAILABLE AFTER 02/23/2016

If you have multiple sites and/or software installs, each request will require its own individual upgrade order!

Please note that the store admin area layout for version 2.92 is somewhat different that previous versions. KB articles and screen shots will be updated for this release over the course of the next few months. Paths and locations will remain very similar to older versions of the software. Following your upgrade, should you have any questions about the new layout, open a ticket and we’re happy to help!

You may notice that there are many articles linked in the new admin area that are still under development. We appreciate your patience while we work hard behind the scenes to create these articles to best meet your needs. If you have any questions about your software that are not answered elsewhere, please feel free to contact us at any time.

*Preorder notice: Processing for upgrade orders placed on or after 02/23/2016 will begin on or around 02/24-02/25. Scheduling for upgrades is set to begin immediately.

Monday, February 22, 2016

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