WordPress Theme Customization: Fashion Plate Boutique

Hey, friend! Check out this *just released* brand new WordPress Theme Customization project and website makeover that we did for Camille over at Fashion Plate Boutique! (<<click the link to see it live now!))

Scroll down for full one minute videos of both the old and new website designs!


Camille was looking to upgrade her website and to give her customers a more modern shopping and checkout experience.

Her upgraded WordPress with WooCommerce website includes several exciting new features like a full account area where her customers can look back over previous orders and check the status of current ones, a gift card balance checker, lookbook gallery to showcase pulled together fashions, and so much more!

We also included several adorable custom bird elements that incorporate her branding and really help round out the whole gorgeous Fashion Plate look for their online shoppers.

Product pages on the new site incorporate a side-by-side layout and allow for multiple photos that use a modern pop up zoom and scroll lightbox to allow shoppers to get a really great view of intricate item details!

CC Beanie Hats at Fashion Plate Boutique


While the old Fashion Plate Boutique site was beautiful, it left a lot to be desired when it came to features and overall visitor experience. Moving from the Boutique Store Builder platform to WordPress was the right move for Camille, since her new site better reflects the modern and chic vibe that her growing business embodies!

As a matter of fact, new orders and positive reviews started pouring in immediately after the new site launched with no end in sight!




Another neat feature that we incorporated into the site is this chic Instagram footer area that links to the official Fashion Plate account and allows Camille to showcase her items and special deals on both Insta and her own website!


Jenni was amazing to work with for this transition. She did such a great job when I was setting up by website 5 years ago so I did not hesitate to trust her with this process! I knew the look that I was going for and she found exactly what I was looking for in little time. The WordPress site has room to grow which was exactly what I was looking for! Once I got the hang of adding my products it was a BREEZE. I am so excited to be able to offer my customers a more professional and modern website to shop on! Even after less than 24 hours live, I have received amazing feedback! Thank you Jenni!!

Camille, Fashion Plate Boutique


If you’re ready to upgrade your website and would like to discuss having your own WordPress Theme Customization service performed by Wild Root Web, we’d love to chat with you! In most cases, we can get started on your project within 24 hours of you placing your order and the design process moves at your pace from start to finish.

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