How do I set up gift certificates? Also known as gift vouchers.

The Bizzy Boutique online store builder does allow you to set up and sell gift certificates (called "gift vouchers" for our purposes). To get started, first activate your "Gift Certificate" page in store admin by following these instructions:

NOTE: Doing this will allow you to begin selling gift vouchers to your customers. If you would rather not sell the vouchers, but only issue them manually and allow them to be used at checkout, you can skip this step.

1. Log into your store admin.
2. Navigate to the "Gift Certificates" link under "Site Extras".
3. Click on the "Activate page" button.

gift certificate store admin
Once activated, your gift certificate setup page in your store admin will look like:

create vouchers in store admin

NOTE: While the gift certificate area on your site does track the issue and redemption of certificates, it will not create a certificate for you. You must physically create a certificate within your Mals account using the correct issue number and mail it to your customer.

To create gift vouchers and gift certificates as they are purchased, follow these instructions:

Gift Certificate Setup

1. Log into your Mals account.
2. Navigate to the "Gift Vouchers" tab and create a voucher.
3. Click on the "Create" button.

mals voucher creation

When the gift certificate has been created, it will look like this:

gift certificate mals

Note: You must create and send gift vouchers yourself. Some clients like to send an actual card or other similar item that can be given as a gift. Before these certificates can be used at checkout, you will also want to activate the gift voucher entry area in your cart. See screen shots above (right sidebar) for the "enable cart textbox" for entering gift voucher details at checkout.

You can read more about setting up the gift voucher box at checkout here:
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