Mal's PayPal Setup

Many of our clients choose to use PayPal as their payment processor. If you selected that you would like to use PayPal to process the payments for your Bizzy Boutique online store builder during checkout, these settings have already been chosen for you.

If you did not chose to have us set this up, or you are setting this up for yourself later here is a visual representation of what your Mal's PayPal settings should look like. You can check your settings against these at any time to ensure that your PayPal settings are correct.

If you would like assistance with editing your PayPal settings or to have a test order processed to check your settings, open a ticket and a member of our staff will be happy to help!
TIP: To expedite this process, be sure to include your Mal's log in details, username and password, if they have been updated from when your account was originally created.

You may also request a test order on our website without the need to open a new ticket.

Update Your PayPal Business Account:

  Access your PayPal account and select the My Account tab.
  Click the Profile subtab (the graphic of the person along the top) and then Profile and Settings
  Click the Website preferences link in the My Selling Tools column on the right.
  Click the Auto Return On radio button to turn on Auto Return
  In the "Return URL", enter:
  Save the auto return variables.

paypal auto return

Mal's Required PayPal settings:

  In your Mals-E account, select the "Cart Setup" tab.
  Select the "PayPal" link under "Payments".
  Choose "Use PayPal Payments Standard" from the radio button options.
  Enter your PayPal email address under the account ID.
  Under "Return link from paypal", select "return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below...". and "GET request..."
  Check the "IPN Instant Payment Notification" checkbox. (If you do not, a customer can close the window before the order has had a chance to post back!)

The rest of the options can be set to your preferences but the selected options are suggested.

mals paypal settings
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