Digital Products (Instant Downloads)

Yes, you can sell digital download products using the Bizzy Boutique online store system, but you will require an additional software to make it work seamlessly for you.

If you are selling digital products, such as graphics, software, patterns, e-books, etc and want your products to be instantly downloadable after purchase, you might consider purchasing Linklok for Mal's from the Vibralogix website.  With this installed on your site, after successful payment, Linklok generates a secure download link to your downloadable products and emails them to the client. These links do not show the true location of the file on your server so there is no way for theives to bypass Linklok and steal your downloadable goods. Links can be set to expire between 1 minute and several years later (or never expire) making link sharing a thing of the past.

Vibralogix offers install services for the Linklok Mal's digital downloads system, and we are also happy to help you install and test Linklok for your Bizzy Boutique. If you would like assistance with your Linklok install, please submit a support ticket.
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