Small Business Website Design and Development

We work with our clients one on one and side-by-side to build beautiful, functional, and high-performance small business websites tailored to the specific needs of each unique project. Our websites are expertly crafted to guide your visitors on a journey through experiencing the essence of your brand and offerings in digital form – a true representation of your unique business online.

WordPress Setup
+ Site Makeover

Your Current Website Recreated on WordPress
  • Built using the WPAstra Pro theme or BYO
  • Includes basic setup + theme color changes
  • We'll migrate up to 3 pages of your content as-is
  • 2 products recreated on your new site
  • Security and essential plugins preinstalled
  • Social media links and pixel integration
  • New website brought live on your schedule
  • Add a simple logo design for $399
  • Includes 1/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!
Limited Time Special Pricing! $497

Basic WordPress
+ Theme Customization

Starter WordPress Setup + Customization
  • Built using the WPAstra Pro theme or BYO
  • Includes 1:1 setup and theme customization
  • You provide all keywords and content
  • Security and essential plugins implemented
  • Up to 5 pages and 5 products formatted
  • Social media, newsletters, and pixels connected
  • Add PLUS package with eCommerce for $200
  • Add a simple logo design for $399
  • Includes 1/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!
Packages Priced From: $897

Advanced WordPress
+ Site Development

Complex WordPress Development + Integration/s
  • Built using the WPAstra Pro theme or BYO
  • Includes full setup and site development
  • Expert advice on content, keywords, and SEO
  • Complex or multiple integrations + formatting
  • Premium whole site formatting available
  • Multiple integration design support
  • Unlock all learning courses with 1:1 support
  • Add a complete branding package for $697
  • Includes 3/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!
Investment Begins At: $2197+

Web Design for Small Business

Wild Root Web is a small business website hosting, learning, design, and development firm that is dedicated to creating small business websites that convert lurkers and followers to dedicated, loyal, and satisfied long term clients and customers. We build websites that work for you 24/7 and look good doing it.

We strive to make the process of building and managing your own small business website a comfortable and empowering process. You choose how much involvement you want to have with the technical and maintenance tasks of your website -and leave the rest to us!

Affordable Small Business Website Design

We believe that a website that checks all of the boxes and showcases your offerings in a way that is authentic to your brand and engaging for your visitors doesn’t have to be so expensive that it’s out of reach. There are a few reasons why and how we’re able to keep our prices so low. They are:

Strong Foundation

All of our WordPress website customization, design and development projects are built using professionally coded framework to ensure web standards and high-quality performance.

Everything in-House

We’re able to keep costs low because we do not outsource anything, instead you’ll work with the same person from start to finish on every aspect of your website project.

Streamlined Process

With thousands of clients serviced over the past 14 years in the website business, we have streamlined our design experience process to suit your needs and work on your timeline.

You focus on what you’re good at (running your biz, of course) and we focus on what we’re good at. We can save you money and cut costs on our small business website customization and design packages because we leave the theme coding and framework implementation to our partners who are good at it. All design and development projects are built using the WPAstra Pro theme (a $249 value!) or you can BYO (bring your own) theme at your cost and by adding $75 to your Wild Root Web design fee.

Pretty websites are nice to look at but so many beautiful sites lack the essential elements that make websites that work and convert visitors to engaged purchasers of your small business offering.

we Exclusively design Websites for small business owners

Any web designer or developer can create a general purpose website, but your small business has If you do one thing, you should do it very well. We have been supporting small business owners in the design, development, hosting, maintenance, and service of their small business websites for over a decade and in that time we have honed in and specialized in supporting the unique needs of online small business owners and also those brick and mortar business owners who are ready to make an impact in the online world.

We are experts at supporting small business owners because:

  • We’re small business owners. Every member of our staff is an online small business owner so we understand the needs of a small business website.
  • We’re experts! We’ve specialized in and worked exclusively with online small business owners for the past 14 years.
  • Small business website hosting. All of our web hosting plans have been put together with the small business owner in mind.
  • Professional, experienced development team. We’ve worked with thousands of small business websites (and their owners) and we know what works.

WordPress Setup and Small Business Website Makeover

An affordable way to update an existing lackluster small business website by getting a professionally setup and customized WordPress website setup and

We’ll install WordPress with all essential and necessary plugins on your small business website hosting account behind the scenes so there will be no interruption of service or downtime for your current website, which can continue to function as usual until you’re ready to launch your new site.

We’ll use your current logo and branding colors to customize your unique theme selection (50+ to choose from!) or add on a custom logo design for only $299 to build your new site with a fresh look. Our team will setup your contact form, copy and paste over up to 5 pages of your current website content (unformatted, see FAQ), and up to 2 products with your content, images, and attributes. The perfect head start for getting started on WordPress! This packages includes 1/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!

A Small Business Website Makeover is:

  • An affordable way to refresh an under performing website.
  • Perfect for modernizing your design and website layout.
  • The best way to ensure current web standards.
  • A jump start to the perfect website for your small business.
  • Suitable for any small business website type, using any platform.

If your current website is out of date or doesn’t quite meet the needs of your growing business, a WordPress Setup and Website Makeover package may the the right fit for your needs. Let’s work together to update your online presence to a website that you’re proud to show off!

A WordPress website makeover package is a quick and affordable way to get started on WordPress with your content and theme already set up to reflect your branding. Average turn around time for the WordPress website makeover package is less than 2 weeks from start to finish. Once you have approved of the new website design and layout, we will work with you to bring the new site live and ensure everything is working properly for your website visitors as part of this package.

Purchase a WordPress Makeover Package if:

  • You are currently using WordPress for your website but it needs a refresh of theme, design, menu, security and/or functionality.
  • You have a website online that is using a platform that no longer suits your needs and would like to update to WordPress.
  • You want a fresh start on a modern and updated website that better reflects your unique small business online.
  • You’re ready to take on some of the work of moving over and repopulating your new website yourself with support, direction, and examples.

WordPress Setup + Small Business Website Makeover Summary:

TL;DR? With this package, we’ll set you up with an updated WordPress website, including all essential plugins and remake your current website with up to 5 unformatted pages and 2 products of your choice to give you a head start on WordPress!

Basic WordPress and Theme Customization Development Package

Basic WordPress or Basic Plus Overview:

  • Includes 1:1 setup and theme customization
  • You provide all keywords and content
  • Security and essential plugins implemented
  • Social media, newsletters, and pixels connected
  • Includes 1/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!

Add PLUS package with eCommerce capabilities or other major integration (like LearnDash or Easy Digital Downloads) and setup of up to 5 examples for the plugin (ie- products with attributes) for only $200 more!

A 1:1 website customization package that includes full setup of your theme, integration of both essential and core functionality plugins, and formatting of up to 5 pages of your own prewritten content. Upgrade to a Plus package to include integration of a major plugin like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or LearnDash with setup of up to 5 items or products including attributes.

Each step of the customization process involves your direct input and we are careful to ensure that you are comfortable and confident with the steps necessary to take over the project when the time comes!

With this package, we’ll work closely together to create a solid and fully customized WordPress website ready for visitors and interaction on your first day of launch! This packages includes 1/mo Basic Managed Hosting FREE!

If you’ve been thinking about building your own WordPress website but aren’t sure where to start or what all you need to end up with a beautiful and fully functional website, our Basic WordPress Design and Development package may be for you. Our team will work with you 1:1 one on one to build the site of your dreams, and teach you about all of the things you’ll need to know to keep it functioning at its best for years to come. This package is also suitable for clients who have a current website online and would like additional support to launch a new or updated version using the popular WordPress website platform.

Purchase a Basic or Basic Plus WordPress Customization Package If:

  • You desire a website that will give you the functionality and look you need from the start, developed with 1:1 support.
  • You’re new to WordPress and would like to have dedicated support to set up, develop, design, and launch your new website.
  • You have an idea for an eCommerce or Informational website but aren’t sure where to start with building.
  • You’re ready to modernize a current site or launch a brand new one to suit your business ideas.

Basic WordPress + Theme Development Summary:

TL;DR? You have two options with this package: Basic, which includes a 1:1 theme customization process, essential and functional plugin setup, formatting of up to 5 pages of your provided content, and video tutoring or Plus, which includes all of that PLUS implementation of one major integration like WooCommerce or LearnDash and up to 5 complete examples and video tutoring for the plugin.

Advanced WordPress Website Design and Development Package

An Advanced WordPress design and development package is a full service website customization and setup experience, carefully put together for small business websites that: require multiple major integrations (ie: WooCommerce, and LearnDash), have or want more than 5 website pages formatted, or anticipate that their unique needs will exceed a Basic WordPress design package.

These packages have an affordable base price of $2197 and can be customized to suit the needs of your small business. With an Advanced package you’ll get everything mentioned in the above packages, plus: we’ll assist you with brainstorming for website strategy, crafting of the visitor journey, formatting and weaving together of your website content. Optional addons include full service marketing and SEO, additional page formatting, and product entry.

Advanced WordPress Highlights:

  • Full service design and development assistance.
  • Advice and assistance with SEO, keyword research, and copy tone.
  • A development package that has all of the basics with room to expand.
  • Customized for the needs of small business websites.
  • Help with multiple or complicated site integrations.

Secure your spot today by putting a down payment on an Advanced WordPress Design package or let’s chat about your ideas and how we can help you to bring them to life! This packages comes with 3 months of Basic Managed hosting free!

Purchase an Advanced WordPress Design and Development Package If:

  • You have big ideas and are looking for help pulling them together in digital form.
  • You’re looking for the type of 1:1 support for building your website that you’d expect from a professional firm.
  • You want to feel encouraged and supported from ‘just an idea’ to website launch.
  • You know that your dream site is going to involve some technical details that you don’t have the time or desire to research or learn.

Advanced WordPress Design + Development Summary:

TL;DR? An Advanced package is custom designed for each project but in general, includes everything you need from implementing your idea to launch including support with finding and implementing plugin functionality, and SEO and copy content. A true premium website customization and development experience!

We’d love to design and develop your small business website

Really! We’ve worked with thousands of clients over the years and have developed many hundreds of eCommerce and Informational websites for our amazing clients and we’d love to work with you too. All packages include direct, one on on support to pull your design and ideas together, but to also walk by your side through the WordPress learning process as well. Each small business website design and development package includes at least 1 month of Basic Managed small business website hosting free to maintain that level of support following the design process. You’

If you have any questions about our website design services not listed below, feel free to open a ticket anytime to speak directly to a member of our staff.

Frequently Asked Website Design and Development Questions:

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