The Astra Pro theme allows you to select the default customization for your website layout pages, blog, and WooCommerce pages from within the WordPress Live Theme Customizer.

Customizing your Astra Pro Theme Layout Options:




Astra Pro Theme Layout Options Video Summary:


To edit the page, blog, and WooCommerce layouts used on your WordPress website using the Astra Pro theme, open the live customizer and navigate to Global > Container

Astra Pro Layout Options

Depending on the Starter Template you have chosen for your new WordPress website, many of the page layouts will be preformatted for you. You can make changes in the live customizer and demo the different styles to determine what you like before committing to your choice by clicking the “Publish” button in the upper left.

Remember that you can also click around on your website pages using the right hand live preview area to see what different page layout styles will look like on different parts of your website.


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